• We are purely automated and run on a tailor made system, enabling us deliver on our promise.
    Our ocial TAT – is 48hrs max after valuation and receipt of all necessary documents.
    Our report development process is automated.
    Through our mobile app we transmit data real time to our mother system and report developed
    Partners can view reports real-time using authorized credentials.
    Partners can download, email or print their reports.
    Users data is protected with regular security updates.
    User reports require e-signing enabling increased contract speed and lower transaction costs.
    Electronic archiving allows for easy retrieval, storage and sharing for future use.
    We are mobile valuers- we value your clients at their premises at no extra cost.
    We are a Motor Valuation service hub, we ooad the valuation process from you meaning
    once we receive instruction we contact clients on your behalf, schedule valuations on
    appointments, send valuers and notify you once reports are ready.
    The report comes as a package comprising of the report, photos (FRONT, BACK, RIGHT, LEFT, ENGINE,
    MILEAGE & CHASSIS PLATE) and a copy of the logbook or importation documents.
    Once we value a vehicle the record shall remain forever since nobody will delete it from the system or server
    due to rights given to each and every Capital Alliance Valuers & Assessors sta and therefore can use it as
    your archive in disguise for you will forever have it safe.


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